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PRIMUS - Debt Recovery and Legal Services CompanyPRIMUS - Debt Recovery and Legal Services Company

Registration and legal services provided to companies

We render complete legal service to the capital and partnership companies including drafting the documents as well as conducting the entire incorporation procedure i.a.:

  • drawing up of limited liability company’s articles of association with solutions corresponding to the client’s expectations,
  • commercial lawyer’s attendance at the signing of the notarial deed (the proficient notary service being provided),
  • preparing of the documentation required to register the company at the National Court Register.

The process of registration of the limited liability company:

  1. Signing the company’s articles of association at the notary public. The minimum company capital amounts to 5,000.00 PLN - contributed by the partners in cash or in kind.
  2. The incorporation of the company at the National Court Register (KRS). The following documents are required: the written request for registration at KRS, the company’s articles of association, the notary specimen signatures of the Board members. The fee for the company incorporation at KRS amounts to 1,000.00 PLN.
  3. The notification of the Statistical Office.

At the time of the registration process is Your presence necessary only at the notary public. Our fee for the registration of Your company in the described above manner amounts to 800.00 PLN.

Besides that we offer:

  1. Constant legal assistance under the terms of the contract.
  2. Representation in court for the entities after conclusion of the contract for rendering legal services with Primus.
  3. Ad hoc legal advice.
  4. Preparing of writs and pleadings.
  5. Preparing of applications, letters of complaint and appeals.
  6. Representing to the state authorities.
  7. Service within KRS.
  8. Drawing up the agreements and legal opinions.
  9. Preparing the assemblies of the partners or shareholders, drafting of the resolutions.