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PRIMUS - Debt Recovery and Legal Services CompanyPRIMUS - Debt Recovery and Legal Services Company

Business mediation is a modern method of solving economic disputes that is alternative to the judicial proceedings. It involves the participation of the third impartial person - a mediator who assists in reaching the agreement between the parties.

The key advantages of conducting mediations are:

  • high possibility of reaching the permanent agreement since it is worked out by the interested parties themselves,
  • reaching the solution that considers the needs and interests of the parties,
  • time, energy and cost saving,
  • possibility of applying creative solutions,
  • maintaining or recreating the good relationship with the client and/or the outside partner,
  • avoidance of new disputes that could result from the unsolved disagreement,
  • protection of the company’s good name.

Should you consider to take advantage of conducting mediation, please contact us.