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PRIMUS - Debt Recovery and Legal Services CompanyPRIMUS - Debt Recovery and Legal Services Company

Payment Monitoring - How Do We Operate?

We provide Payment Monitoring Services through supervision and control of timely payments. It usually makes debtors and contractors pay quickly and on regular basis. Payment Monitoring Services provided by our company can significantly reduce your costs with respect to supervision, they do not cause insolvency and will make your clients treat the issue of timely payments seriously. It saves your time too!

Due to supervision we can quickly trace outstanding amounts and undertake actions immediately. Payment monitoring allows you to concentrate on your business and let us worry about timely payments of debtors and the financial situation of your clients. If necessary we undertake fast debt recovery actions without additional charges.

The Clients who use this service receive a special seal which is placed on all invoices, agreements and other documents covered by the Payment Monitoring Programme.